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Cutting Edge K9 Training


 In Kennel Training:

Your dog will receive multiple training sessions throughout the day. This includes a 6ft leash, correction collar and a place cot. The stay is a minimum 2 weeks, you have a private lesson with your dog's primary trainer at the end of your dog stay so they can teach you how to effectively communicate and be consistent with your dog at home.

$1575.00 owner supply food and treats.


Introduction to the e-collar:


This is a 3 week program, We focus on all obedience behaviors off leash. This includes a new e-collar. And two hour go home lesson.

$2250.00 owner supplies food and treats.

 Private Lessons


Are private lessons offer you one-on-one attention with the trainer, we offer basic or Advanced obedience. Or just creating new behaviors or distinguishing bad behaviors.

1 hour session $75.00 at our facility.

 Bitework/Personal Protection:


We offer several different types of programs: bite development, targeting, drive building.

And real life scenarios and personal protection start at 1500.00 and up.


We also offer Behavior modifications,desensitization, crate training and treadmill training

prices start at 250.00 and up.

Agility Training Coming Soon Check Back With Us.